Carnkie Camera Club




3rd August

Wednesday 3rd August is the Photoshop Clinic where we will try and answer any questions you have on Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


If you want to ask a question, it would help if you could email it (with an image file if appropriate), to photos@carnkiecameraclub.co.uk as soon as possible.


This will give us time to do any research and practice if required!


After the break we will look at photos from Tehidy.

Sending Photos

When sending images for viewing on club evenings please send them to the following email address.



You will receive an automated reply to acknowledge receipt of your email. Please note that this email is not monitored on a regular basis, do not send any other emails to this address as you will not get a reply.



We like to think Carnkie is a little different from other clubs with the empasis on sharing and enjoying photography in all its forms.


We do not engage in endless 'photo battles' with other clubs. Instead we have a friendly photo competition at the end of each month.


Members are invited to bring up to two photos (max size A4), to the competition at the end of the month.



We meet all year round and have a full programme of events which we hope will be of interest to all photographers regardless of invididual interests and ability.


In the summer months we arrange visits to the local area and try to 'get out' every other week.


In the winter we do more 'inside' work including studio work and photoshop tutorials.

Weekly Theme


Photography is all about taking photos and improving the way we see and capture images.


To encouage members to go out and use their cameras we often have a 'weekly theme'.


Members are invited to bring along two photos showing their individual interpretation of a subject each week.


These photos are then projected and critique invited.

Members Facebook Page

Carnkie Camera Club also has a private 'Members Only' Facebook group where you you can share photos ideas and seek advice from fellow members. Click the link here to go to the facebook page. Anything you post on the members page cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member of Carnkie Camera Club.